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Took my car here and will never do business with these people ever again.The owner didn't smile when I was there but sure smiled when my pretty wife was there.

I have never done interior work in my life. I fly for Federal Express and can fly planes but can't do upholstery work on a car. I actually got my car, and it noticed it was messed up when I got home. Scott Wedge had a attitude like he could care less.

He never called me back.I did some research and I fixed the interior problem myself What a waste of money at Scoko........DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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That's a sad story, good thing your so smart and could fix it yourself.

Maybe next time you could fix my seat when your playing a pilot.

Skoko - Scoko auto ruined my seats

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the same idiots did work on my rear seat of my car less than a year ago and screwed it up worse than it was when I took it there.If it wasn't for my wife knowing the family, I would have sued these people.

I will do a little better research next time.

The only thing I will say is, anything in the Memphis area that has the name Scoko auto service or Scott Wedge name on it, avoid them both and please,please have work done on your car elsewhere.I just wonder how many more victims are out there that this guy has done shoddy business with

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Looks like I'm the only person who seems to care.

Maybe I can help find you a friend.

Call me!

Skoko - Scoko auto memphis tennessee does bad business

Memphis, Tennessee 1 comment

I have a 2010 Honda Pilot.I rescue dogs and had one that did almost $3000 worth of damage to the inside of my car.

My insurance company is USAA, and they suggested that I take my car to Jim Keras Chevrolet body shop in Memphis. I also had some paint work that had to be done. Jim Keras did a great job, but they sent the interior damage to a upholstery shop that I am complainging about. After the body shop painted my hood, they gave the car to Scott Wedge, owner of Scoko Automotive Services.

They repaired the inside of the car. They never fixed the front seat right, and a few other problems occured that they were suppose to repair right the first time. I took the car back to Jim Keras and they took the car back to Scoko Automotive Services. They repaired it a second time.

Once again, it was done wrong. Not only was it done wrong but they had broken the elictrical switch on the 6 way seats and and now it is 4 way. They also shoved a piece of foam in the driver seat to try and make up for them breaking a pice on the seat. I called Jim Keras and told them I was taking it to another upholstry shop in Memphis that has been around a very long time.

They pointed out all of the screw ups that Scoko Automotive Services did to my car. A cover was missing, 3 of the four door panels were not put in right, padding was not pout in the right way, and the button broken on the electric seat, and a few more things. It is not back for a third time at a different place to be fixed. The point of all of this is, I work on the road, and can't use a rental car to do my job on the road and need my car.

I have missed too much work because of this shop.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but got no place with that. Scoko auto's attorney answered the BBB complaint and it was full of lies.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SCOKO AUTO SERVICES.Jim Keras Chevrolet stands behind there work and my car was repaired right the third time at Don's Upholstery in Memphis.............Scott Wedge owns Scoko Auto and is not an honest person and does not stand behind his work and tries to cover up his mistakes by putting the blame on someone else

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Do you ever get tired of getting do hair in your coffee, I get grossed out by it!

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